Why Real Trampolines


Why Real Trampolines

It’s simple. If you want to feel like THIS, you need a Real Trampoline.

Place any trampoline beside ours and you’ll see and feel the difference.

Imagine all the neighborhood kids leaving behind their box store and torsion bar trampolines because they want to hang out at your house. They want to jump on a Real Trampoline.

Here’s why…

Real Springs

6 Year WarrantyA longer spring means a longer, higher bounce. A thicker, stronger spring means a better bounce. This adds to your air-time and your ability to do tricks. Our springs are made with high grade USA steal and come with a 6 year warranty.

Our springs will also handle the overweight grown-ups that want to lose a few pounds.

Real Safety Pads


6 Year WarrantyNewly Designed Padding for Safety: Super-Fun Safety Pads are constructed with two layers of “closed cell” foam up to 20″ wide for more protection over the frame and springs. Super-Fun’s green Vinyl is a PVDF 20 oz vinyl that provide protection, resistance to algae, fungi and cracking, and extending lifespan. It also includes properties for easier cleaning and handling. A heavy duty mesh on the underside prevents the padding from becoming waterlogged. If you still have questions, just give us a call. We will be proud to tell you exactly how Super-Fun trampolines are made.




Lifetime WarrentyA thicker, stronger frame will conserve more energy translating it back into you bounce. Our frames use a 12 gauge galvanized steel tubing and are tested to support 440 lbs. A quality trampoline should be able to stand on end without bending or bowing. Our frames meet ASTM International standards, a materials standard organization recognized by manufacturers and developers worldwide.


Real Trampoline Mat

6 Year WarrantyReal trampolines are made with the highest quality trampoline fabric available. Our trampolines are all made with anti-slip Permatron® criss-cross weave non-calendared polypropylene. Our spring connectors are made with 8 rows of stitching. Both the mat fabric, the thread used to stitch the edges and the spring connectors are UV-resistant to maintain strength and longevity.


Real Trampoline Triangles

Many trampoline manufacturers compare their products with other competitor’s but they never compare against REAL Trampolines. Is it because they know a REAL Trampoline is the superior product?

All our frames, springs, and triangles are rust proof.

Our warranty is NOT pro-rated. Our policy is to replace any component covered by warranty with a new component at no cost to you if it is defective or becomes damaged (other than by obvious abuse or vandalism) at any time during the full term of the warranty.



Fast Food 


The 12 year life of a 14' Super Bounce will cost $8.99 per month.


Giving up fast food once a month will be enough to pay for a Real Trampoline.


Get off the sofa, go outside, get Real exercise and have fun while doing it.

Weight Loss

Exercise in Disguise

The benefits of REAL trampolines are endless!

A source of intense exercise and fun, trampolining has both physical and mental benefits.

Trampolining is a low impact, low stress workout for the body. 10 – 20 minutes of trampolining is about equal to half an hour of jogging! Because the trampoline mat absorbs some of the shock of impact, there is no strain on the joints. A repeated low impact exercise builds and strengthens the bones and muscles which results in toning, better balance, co-ordination and good posture. It has also been proven to reduce the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.

The physical benefits resulting from trampolining rejuvenate the body and the mind. Endorphins are stimulated, producing positive mood enhancing natural chemicals. This helps overcome negativity and depression and produces a happier, more positive individual.

Combine all these benefits and there’s hardly room for argument. A REAL trampoline is a great investment for your young and adolescent children. They may think they’re just having a great time jumping on the trampoline, but you know that their body and mind are getting a great workout.

You and your whole family can get fit and have fun with a REAL Trampoline!

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