Why Real Trampolines


Why Real Trampolines

Real Testimonials from Real People.

Super-Fun Trampolines has Super-Happy jumpers throughout North America and around the world.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“VERY PLEASED WITH TRAMPOLINE, 1 hr assembly, Teens are bouncing NOW! THANKS!! A++”

Linda - USA  

“Great product, fast shipping. Thanks!!”

Diana Patrick - Jarrettsville, MD  

“We purchased our Super-Fun Mega Bounce trampoline about 5 years ago. We bought primarily for our daughter who was a high school cheerleader at the time; however, it quickly became popular with our son and his friends from the football and baseball teams. They began to regularly have their friends over to use the trampoline for hours. We are so glad we spent a little extra to buy this galvanized steel trampoline. Since our children were all 16 and older when we made our purchase, it has had years of heavy use by ambunctious young adults weighing 130-230 pounds. Despite this heavy use by adults and being outside the whole time, it still has great bounce with all the original parts, including the pads.  I highly recommend these trampolines.”

Larry and Penny in Riverside, CA

“My Super-Fun trampoline is great! A+ Company, A++ Product”

Michael - Abbotsford, BC

“We purchased our Super-Fun trampoline almost 20 years ago, and by far, this was the best investment we ever made for our 5 children. It has been used almost daily, year round, for the entire time that we've owned it by our kids, neighbourhood kids, and now our grandchildren. We've seen other neighbours buy the cheaper brands which are aluminium (from Costco and Wal-Mart). Their trampolines lasted 2-3 years before bending and breaking. The pads on those trampolines usually only lasted 1 year. Our galvanized steel trampoline still stands after being outdoors year round, and it still has all it's original parts, including pad.  The reason we initially chose this trampoline over the cheaper brands was because my husband wanted to play on it as well. He is 6'3" and is 220 lbs. He would have broke the cheap trampoline because you can't exceed 200 lbs on those. We then shopped around, and found Super Fun Trampolines were able to accommodate 400 lbs, they came with a 10 year warranty, and they were better priced than other name brands. If you are shopping for a trampoline, I highly recommend these trampolines, and I guarantee you, that you won't be disappointed!”

Kathy - Chilliwack, BC

“Rapid transaction and delivered as promised”

Tim Hainds - Sioux City, IA

“We are enjoying our trampoline - when they say mega bounce, they mean mega BOUNCE!”

Tom - USA

“My back would hurt jumping on our old tramp. Our new tramp just flows and there is no jerking feeling. Thank you greatly.”

Timothy - Billings, MT

“We love it!! We are very impressed with the sturdiness of the frame - you make a great product. Very pleased!!”

James - Powell, TN

“I wanted to make a comment: LOVE THIS TRAMPOLINE! We purchased this trampoline at least 5 years ago. It was a big investment and we took two years deciding to purchase your brand. I would like to tell you that our children have used this trampoline just about every day. They even go on it in the winter. We purchased it because we were told it is so safe to use, a net was not necessary. The kids do stunts and acrobatics on it, and are safe because of its superior design. We have the 16 foot trampoline. It looks as new as the day we put it up. It was the smartest investment our family has ever made. In fact, we are moving to another home and we have been making sure that the much smaller lot accommodates the trampoline, which is such a source of enjoyment and exercise for our family. If you are considering a trampoline and know of your neighbors and friends' experiences with other brands of trampolines, you cannot begin to believe how different your experience with the super bounce product will be. Spend the extra money and you will thank yourself every single year for buying a trampoline that will last longer than the life of any appliance or car or other home investment you make, even possibly the windows!”

Mary Wynne

“I purchased my trampoline 13 years ago. It has sat outside all these years and is still in perfect condition. My daughter has used it summer and winter. It is the best purchase I have ever made.”

Cindy - Vancouver, BC

“Just wanted to let you know how easy it was to order our 14' Super Bounce trampoline via the internet. I was a little worried about ordering from BC and was sure something would go wrong. Everything arrived intact (not one piece missing), the trampoline took 1 hour to assemble (just like you said) and the VERY stable enclosure took about 3 hours to assemble (lots of bungee cords to attach). The enclosure has saved a few bruises so it was well worth the time to assemble properly.  My kids and ALL the kids in the neighborhood are enjoying the trampoline and I'm still stunned that everything went so smoothly. I've recommended Super-Fun Sports to a few of our friends. Thanks again!”

Linda - Newmarket, ON

“We're impressed with the quality. Frankly, we weren't sure it would survive the winter. We had two severe winter storms that we feared would ruin it. Both times we were hit with ice/snow storms combined with at least a week of subfreezing temps. The ice was solid on the top and at least four inches thick. We couldn't remove it. I was afraid the top would be stretched. However, there was no permanent damage to the top or the springs.”

Randy & Brenda Ritchey - Henryetta, OK

“Thought I would drop a line to tell you how much I enjoyed purchasing this trampoline. You and the staff were great.  We got the tramp (as my son calls it) up in a record amount of time, it was a good thing we have a streetlamp! We got the kids and proceeded to enjoy it for an hour. We all are having great fun with it, as are the neighbors! Thank you again!”

Bonnie, Darren, Donovan and Mahalia

“We want to thank you for your superior product! Our family purchased a solid square trampoline from your company 13 years ago. The trampoline has lived up to its name by being 'Super-Fun!' It has provided us with countless hours of action.  The kids are now teenagers and are still enjoying it. Some highlights would be bouncing with water to cool off in summer and even adding a bit of soap for a slippery slide. We also enjoy playing corner tag.  We have been very impressed by the durability of the jumping mat as it some times has three big boys on at a time, with no problems. The frame is solid and easy to assemble and take down. We are now purchasing our second set of springs and are looking forward to many more years of fun.   Thank you for providing our family and friends with endless hours of fun and great exercise too!”

Mark, Heidi, Dawson and Kara Friesen

“Hi there, I have my childhood 16' trampoline which was purchased at your chilliwack BC location about 16 years ago and I'm just wondering if your safety nets would work with it. The trampoline has held up so well for all these years!”


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Studies have shown that poor quality materials contribute to injuries, which is one of the reasons that we produce top quality frames, springs, mats, and padding.

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real quality


Stronger frames, larger springs, Permatron® mats and thicker safety pads all go into making our trampoline quality second to none with a rock solid warranty to prove it!

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Buying a REAL Trampoline guarantees amazing performance and longevity! Top quality materials and great engineering keep our trampolines in the top rankings!

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REAL Trampolines provide adults & children with more opportunities to get off the couch. Enjoy the health benefits & fun that come from owning a trampoline for less than the cost of a gym membership!

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